Darren at the Belgrade Fortress, Serbia

Darren at the Belgrade Fortress, Serbia

Welcome to Life and Latitudes. My name is Darren Rayborn. The goal is to help and guide you to find out what your passion is and how to make it a reality, a way of life and to make a living from it.  Part of all of this is to motivate and inspire you as well as myself along this journey in life.  

What were you put on this earth to do? What are you designed to do and be? What do you want to be when you grow up? If you didn’t have to think of money, what would you find yourself doing? These are all valid questions and ones that we will help you figure out where you should be spending your time and efforts.

Why read the blog, website or take a look around?  Perhaps you will find something you were looking for, maybe you might get a good and healthy laugh out of something or simply some inspiration you may need to get you moving towards your goal.  I want you to know, I enjoy chatting with people like yourself who want to find one’s God-given talent and passion, and to give positive motivation.  I do have other passions, of course family, cars, beach and history.  Something may develop from those ideas and inspire you to take action and move towards your dreams and make them a reality.

Please take some time and look around our site.  You are welcome to leave a post, send an email or use the contact page if you have any questions.  You can click HERE for our Contact Us page.

Thank you for visiting and God bless.

Darren Rayborn